Sunday, March 18, 2012

Starsailor - Discography

Starsailor - Discography

Starsailor - Discography

HASH: a27e381061cee947b38ed7bf75856df5732ec1a5

*Starsailor Discography.rar

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/01 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Tie Up My Hands.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/02 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Poor Misguided Fool.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/03 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Alcoholic.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/04 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Lullaby.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/05 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Way To Fall.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/06 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Fever.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/07 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - She Just Wept.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/08 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Talk Her Down.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/09 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Love Is Here.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/10 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Good Souls.mp3

+Starsailor - Love Is Here/11 - Starsailor - Love Is Here - Coming Down.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/01-starsailor-tell_me_its_not_over.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/02-starsailor-boy_in_waiting.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/03-starsailor-the_thames.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/04-starsailor-all_the_plans.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/05-starsailor-neon_sky.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/06-starsailor-you_never_get_what_you_deserve.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/07-starsailor-hurts_too_much.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/08-starsailor-stars_and_stripes.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/09-starsailor-change_my_mind.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/10-starsailor-listen_up.mp3

+Starsailor- All The Plans/11-starsailor-safe_at_home.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/01 - In The Crossfire.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/02 - Counterfeit Life.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/03 - In My Blood.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/04 - Faith Hope Love.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/05 - I Don't Know.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/06 - Way Back Home.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/07 - Keep Us Together.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/08 - Get Out While You Can.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/09 - This Time.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/10 - White Light.mp3

+Starsailor-On The Outside/11 - Jeremiah.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/01 - Music Was Saved.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/02 - Fidelity.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/03 - Some Of Us.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/04 - Silence Is Easy.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/05 - Telling Them.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/06 - Shark Food.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/07 - Bring My Love.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/08 - White Dove.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/09 - Four To The Floor.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/10 - Born Again.mp3

+Starsailor-Silence Is Easy/11 - Restless Heart.mp3

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